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茗雅打造整體高端辦公環境 the body comefortable enjoyment living       身自在 享生活

10 years of industry experience Hundreds of thousands of enterprises and institutions of trust

a版红楼梦正片Nameplates, focus the medium-to-high grade office furniture custom-made for 10 years, has its own production factory, and have a line of fashion office furniture brand product design team, with a number of business enterprises to reach a long-term cooperative relations, product quality is guaranteed!

Elite team Tailored exclusive fashion office furniture

Nameplates, elite team, for the different needs of customers provide free office space planning and design, close consideration to each employee's work experience, the design of the culture, let employees experience the fashion and comfortable office environment, improve the working mood, promote work efficiency.

0 pollution burden Create "green health" office furniture

"Environmental protection" as the guide, nameplates, focus on user's health, green environmental protection material, adhering to the rigorous European production design concept, exquisite and meticulous finish every working procedure, to ensure product quality excellent, really zero pollution, zero!

After-sale protection Gold medal after-sales services to offer 100% satisfaction

Nameplates, office furniture, have professional after-sales team, for every customer to provide the most thoughtful after-sales service, in all types of office furniture to provide five years warranty service, at the same time, each month have professionals to visit the customer service, effectively solve the problem of customer feedback customer satisfaction 100%!

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a版红楼梦正片Mingya Bangong

a版红楼梦正片Foshan nameplates, elegant office furniture co., LTD., located in xiqiao town, nanhai district, foshan city, Confucianism creek village river wave tail industrial zone with convenient transportation.Foshan nameplates, office furniture co., LTD....

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